About Us 

We started our yard haunt in 2006 in Oklahoma City and have been building on it ever since. It has been our dream since we started this to have it grow so big that we can open our own haunted house every October. We hope that with the support and donations of the community to make this dream come true one day soon.

We have great friends and neighbors that help us with everything from building the props and costumes to being in our crew on the big night. We always have a cemetery which is continuously growing and improving. However, every year we change the main theme to keep things fresh and frightening for the trick-or-treaters. 

We are a family friendly yard haunt but we are there to scare.  We always have treats for the kiddos brave enough to make it to the candy bowl, however we are not just here for the trick-or-treaters, so please come and enjoy all the sights and sounds.

So trick-or-treating or just sight-seeing, we welcome you all to come by on Halloween and do not forget your cameras!